Sound Bath

May 24, 2024

Here is some information you need to know ahead of the session

  • Lying on the floor during the sound bath is preferable, but for those who can’t easily either get down or up again, sitting on a chair will be fine.
  • Head support is recommended so feel free to bring a pillow to rest your head on
  • Please keep in mind that Sound Baths place people in meditative states, which allow individuals to reflect on themselves and their thoughts, it may become uncomfortable for you if this brings out strong emotions or painful memories. Sound Baths should be avoided for those with psychosis (hearing voices) as well as epilepsy, people taking heavy medication and anyone in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. However, autism, anxiety, PTSD, dementia and some forms of depression are a few of the conditions that may benefit from Sound Baths. For people with hearing aids or hearing impairment, this practice may also cause some discomfort. Anyone with uncertainty should consult their doctor.

Janie is mindful that people may be in poor emotional health so will keep the sounds as gentle as possible.

Acorn Centre
101A Station Parade
Harrogate, HG1 1HB

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